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Painting Parties

Our painting parties are sponsored by No Corner Suns.

Painting Night

Paint Night

From No Corner Suns:

Paint, Drink, & Be Merry! Our philosophy, "Drink a little wine and learn while making art."

June 4th was No Corner Sun's Art Studio's first Paint, Drink, & Be Merry Event! Wine & Paint events have become very popular... but I wasn't happy with what I was seeing produced in these 2 hour mini-franchised-classes. Overwhelmingly every adult student copied line for line, color for color, what the teacher demonstrated, or a masterwork the studio chose. I searched several local studios and Google, and I kept coming up with the same results.

No Corner Sun's sought to change that. I went about designing the lesson just as I would for my elementary students. It was a challenge. I knew I would have students who had not had any sort of art class since they were in elementary school, I would have art enthusiasts, and I might even have some serious artists.

Here is our Flickr slideshow from the event.

My co-teacher and I spent an afternoon practising the lesson, rehearsing the information, and noting difficult or confusing things that may cause speed bumps. I was nervous about the information being vague or watered-down for more experienced artists, but I was also worried that it would be too much information for a newbie. We put together packets, prepped visuals, and were able to successfully teach a lesson for everyone. Adults need differentiation too!

In August, No Corner Suns will be hosting two Paint, Drink, & Be Merry events. Both will be hosted by The Sweet & Savory Spot in downtown Westmont, Illinois. Classes are limited to 20 people and guests must register online in advanced.

More information on the event can be found here.